CHISTANN DIY eco-coffin

CHISTANN DIY flat-packed coffin

An eco-coffin affordable for everyone

A real wooden eco-coffin for the price of cardboard. Made from light & strong FSC eco-plywood, untreated and pure. With natural cotton coffin interior and pillow case. The handles are made from rest wood without metal fasteners.


Biodegradable and suitable for cremation. You do need to spend hundreds of euro’s or pounds extra for a braided coffin or natural wood.

CHISTANN wooden eco-coffin for a cardboard price!

CHISTANN the modern eco-coffin for families wanting to be involved in making and decorating the coffin. Designed as a DIY coffin and flat-packed.

Available online for 329 euro including shipping in the EU (additional costs for shipping outside the EU).

The affordable eco friendly DIY coffin

'Dutch Design' eco-coffin made from sustainable and environmental materials, suitable for cremation and burial. A good looking environmental friendly coffin which can be assembled by family or friends within 30 minutes without the need for tools or glue.

Unique design feature: the lid can be closed in two stages. The lower end can remain closed during a viewing leaving the flowers on the coffin.

Wasting less resources

Using less solid wood, less transport, no synthetics and a minimal use of metals.

Sustainable fast-growing poplar wood, no paints or varnishes and only natural unbleached cotton.

Fully fledged & regular dimensions

A flat-packed DIY coffin shipped in a compact box, of course safe and sturdy after assembly.

Regular dimensions and carries up to 120kg / 19 stone

For cremation or burial

CHISTANN is designed to comply to the most strict regulations for use in crematoria around Europe. Complies to Dutch guidelines from the LVC (FFMA certification pending).

CHISTANN awards & recognitions

  • Winner of Final Footprint Challenge 2018
  • Formal recognition as Good Industrial Design and Dutch Design in 2017
  • Nominee & finalist for the Dutch Funeral Awards 2018
  • Nominee for the British Good Funeral Awards 2018
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