Coffin in a Box DIY flat-pack coffins
CHISTANN DIY eco-coffin

CHISTANN flat-pack coffin kit

Ready-to-Assemble Casket Kit delivered as a parcel in a compact box

CHISTANN the contemporary eco-coffin for families wanting to be involved in making and decorating the coffin.

Designed as a DIY coffin, flat-packed and shipped by regular parcel companies. Saves up to 80% carbon emmisions compared to transporting a regular coffin from factory to place of use.

The 'IKEA-style coffin' is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, suitable for cremation and burial. A good looking environmental friendly coffin which is ready-to-assemble by family or friends within 30 minutes without the need for special tools or glue. As simple and straight forward as an IKEA cupboard.

With 6 load-bearing beech handles to carry a weight of up to 120kg.
The lid can be closed in two stages. the lower part can remain closed during a viewing or wake leaving flowers or decoration on the closed part on the coffin.

A real wooden eco-coffin for the price of cardboard. Since 2017 we have shipped almost 2,000 CHISTANN's to families in the Neterlands and internationally.

This summer we will also launch a larger version the CHISTANN XL, the inner length will be 210cm and width 65cm to accomodate larger postures.

Coffin dimensions


  • Inner dimensions LWH: 198x56x34cm
  • Maximaal carrying weight:
  • Packaging LWH:
    115x70x15cm, 30Kg
eco coffin


  • European poplar plywood PEFC  / E1
  • Untreated & light sanded wood, no varnish or foils
  • Natural cotton coffin lining and wood chip pillow


  • Contemporary, simple, sleek and functional design
  • Split lid
  • Sustainable materials and clever assembly
  • Suitable for decoration
for burial or cremation


  • Biodegradable, suitable for (natural) burial
  • Certified (NL)ecertificeerd for cremation
  • Can be disassemble for future resomation method