Coffin in a Box DIY flat-pack coffins
HYLLBAR eco-stretcher

HYLLBAR burial-trundle

When using a trundle a shroud is obligatory. The shroud should cover the person and needs to be biodegradable or suitable for cremation.

Contemporary eco-friendly shroud board

An alternative to a closed coffin and often used for a natural burial. Also flat-packed in a box and shipped as a parcel.

Ready-to-assemble by the family or funeral director takes 15 minutes and does not require special tools or glue.

A Dutch Design trundle made of sustainable & environmental materials. Also suitable for cremations (with shroud) without the need for an extra insertion board. For burials with a shroud.

Contemporary design and strong. Made of untreated certified poplar plywood with a natural look and feel. An affordable alternative for a coffin.

Add your own shroud or buy one online from many creative craftsmen.


  • Inner dimensions LWH: 198x56x14cm
  • MAx. carrying weight:
  • Packaging LWH: 115x70x10cm, 22Kg


  • European poplar plywood PEFC / E1
  • Untreated & light sanded wood, no varnish or foils

  • Without pillow and shroud


  • Contemporary, simple, sleek and functional design
  • Sustainable materials and clever assembly
  • Suitable for decoration


  • Biodegradable, suitable for (natural) burial

  • No insertion board required cremation system
  • A full shroud is required for transportation and the burial or cremation