HYLLBAR eco-stretcher

HYLLBAR eco-stretcher

Contemporary eco-friendly shroud board

An alternative to a closed coffin. Also flat-packed in a box and shipped as a parcel.

Assembly by the family or funeral director takes 15 minutes and does not require tools or glue.

HYLLBAR plus shroud - the contemporary alternative for a coffin

A Dutch Design stretcher made of sustainable & environmental materials. Suitable for cremations without the need for an extra insertion board. For burials with a shroud.

Contemporary design and strong. Made of untreated FSC birch plywood with a natural look and feel. An affordable alternative for a coffin, the HYLLBAR ships (in the Netherlands) for just under 200 euro.

Make your own shroud or buy a SVEPPA shroud in our shop.

Unique design detail. The 6 handles are mounted without metal fasteners using the wedged mortise & tenon construction.

Multiple eco cncept

A truly eco-friendly stretcher made of sustainable biodegradable materials and shipped as a compact box. Reduces carbon emissions and costs!

The sustainable plywood is biodegradable and suitable for a clean cremation process. The handles are mode of waste wood from the production and require no metal fasteners.


By adding a jute or linen shroud a nice eco-concept is the result.

Bespoke and individual

When using a stretcher a shroud is obligatory. The shroud should cover the person and needs to be biodegradable or suitable for cremation.


We offer some nice shrouds made from fine cotton, eco linen or jute.

Wasting less resources

Using less solid wood, less transport, no synthetics and a minimal use of metals.

Sustainable fast-growing poplar wood, no paints or varnishes

Fully fledged & regular dimensions

A flat-packed DIY stretcher shipped in a compact box, of course safe and sturdy after assembly.

Regular dimensions and carries up to 110kg / 18 stone

For cremation or burial

HYLLBARis designed to comply to the most strict regulations for use in crematoria around Europe. Complies to Dutch guidelines from the LVC (FFMA equivalent).

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