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New universal 'metal free' eco coffin handle

Juni 2018

Very fast and simple mounting of the grip to our coffins or shroud board. No need for tools or glue!

This new handle is made from rest-material in the production of our coffins and boards. Avoiding unnecessary waste or using solid wood.

Mounting with the proven ‘wedged mortise & tenon’ construction. The handle is inserted in the 2 mortises and secured with two hardwood wedges.

Simple, good looking and sturdy

(tested to a weight of 250 kilo (40 stone).

CHISTANN S - updated DIY coffin

August 2018

Improved CHISTANN version. Based on the proven original CHISTANN several improvements have been made to make the coffin even more beautiful, sturdy and easier to assemble.

From deliveries starting September the new S will replace the original CHISTANN:

  • S-shaped lid and sides making the coffin even more sturdy and less vulnerable for damage when transported and during assembly. And better looking too!
  • The construction of the 4 side corners is improved. Less vulnerable and better looking.
  • With the new ‘eco-handles’ reducing 16 fasteners. Faster assembly and more eco-friendly.
  • New inner dimensions, a little wider and higher.

Even easier and faster assembly. Stronger and updated design. Tested to a weight of 250 kilo.

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