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All our products have a distinct contemporary design, made from sustainable environmental friendly materials and packed & shipped in a compact box. Making them ready for use is simple and fast without the use of tools and glue. Suitable for swift & cost efficient shipping directly from factory to you or your funeral director using regular parcel services around the globe.

ESSTANN dutch design eco coffin
D.I.Y. coffin flat packed in a box

CHISTANN DIY eco-coffin

Modern 'Dutch Design' eco-coffin in a box. Fully fledged eco-friendly coffin designed for use by families who wish to make the coffin by themselves. Sturdy and ready for use within half an hour.

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ESSTANN design eco-coffin

A new fully fledged poplar wooden design eco-coffin!

Reducing logistics, warehousing and carbon emissions.

Flat-packed, shipped as a parcel and ready for use in a few minutes.


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