directly to families ...

Several original DIY products are available online and can be delivered directly to families in Europe and some selected countries.

Buying a coffin online very often has a positive impact on the bereavement.

Assembling the coffin together and decorating it results in a more approachable and personal farewell.

A personal touch!

or via funeral directors


The funeral director or celebrant can make their business much more sustainable and efficient when using the CHISTANN flat-packed coffins. A wooden eco-coffin for the price of cardboard and saving on transport, warehousing and operational costs.

Making an eco-friendly coffin affordable for everyone!



The CHISTANN DIY products are designed to be delivered directly to families who wish to be more involved in making funeral arrangements. Buying a coffin online and preparing it for use together is becoming more popular.

Our DIY products like CHISTANN and CARTANN are available via our online shop, amazon, ebay and selected online partners.

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