The new business entity as a spin-off from Dutch online coffin shop Uitvaartkist Online.


More than a thousand deliveries and satisfied customers have taught us what the market wants and what will be trending.

the trend > more involvement of the family, affordable eco-friendliness and more individualisation for a send-off.


New sustainable products helping to make a send-off more environmental friendly and bespoke. Biodegradable materials and helping the cremation process to be more efficient. Designed and produced in the Netherlands. Minimising transport of materials and ready products. Reduction of carbon emissions throughout the entire chain from material to final use.

Assembly near place of use

Designed to prepare our products for use by the family or funeral director. Easy, fast and without tools or glue.

Shipped as a parcel in a box

All products are flat-packed and shipped as a regular parcel.

Distributed by known parcel services, fast and cost efficiently.

Sustainable resources

We only use environmental friendly materials, production methods and responsible operations to create truly sustainable funeral products.



Already active as a small scale coffin producer since 2013. Eco-friendly products supplied directly to families and funeral directors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We design and produce the next generation funeral products aimed at professionals and families valuing sustainability. Pragmatic products, with choice in shape and personalisation, all eco-friendly within reach for everybody.

For us and our clients eco is standard and not a premium.

Dingco (Cor) Geijtenbeek

Founder, visionary and passionate about making the funeral business really sustainable.

Product designer and business motor in the team.

Dave van Santen

Co-owner and the experienced funeral director in the team. Our conscience ensuring our products are respectful and useable for professionals and families.

Coffin in a Box Company B.V.

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Coffin in a Box Company B.V.

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